About TigerDirect.ca

How is your site developed?
About this site
The TigerDirect.ca website is enhanced for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 users. We use many technologies that is only native to IE5.5 and higher. Please follow our recommendations for the browser, plug-ins and other software to fully experience the interactivity programmed into our site.


TigerDirect.ca Credits:
All internet content, design and development our website is created and maintained by our in-house Web Development Department. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please email us.

Why do you recommend the latest browser and specific plug-ins?
We recommend that you get the latest browser and the plug-ins that are listed on our website information page to fully experience the built-in multimedia effects, such as our Shockwave Flash toolbar interface and our shocked partner stores. Without all of the recommended plug-ins installed, certain areas of the website will not be available to you.

Is this website secure?
YES! Our website uses the latest 128-bit encryption technology to protect your personal information.

How often is your site updated?
Our site is updated multiple times per day. This ensures that our site is always fresh with content and products.

If I encounter a problem with your site, to whom should I report this to?
If you find a problem with our website, please e-mail us with the details of the problem.

Does your site use cookies?
Yes. Our site makes use of "cookies" to keep track of your identity when you place online orders or check the status of an order. They are in no way harmful or intrusive to your hard drive. It is simply the most effective way to provide quality service to our customers. To learn more about cookies, please go to our cookie information page.